OasisIntimate Moisturizer

PrevaLeaf™ Oasis Intimate Moisturizer is specially formulated to ease symptoms of vaginal dryness and promote optimal vaginal health.

Properties: PrevaLeaf™ Oasis is water-based, with all natural ingredients, pH balanced for the vaginal environment, absorbing, non-messy, fragrance free, paraben-free, and hormone free.

10 ml. 30 applications.

SootheInstant Temporary Relief

PrevaLeaf™ Soothe has been specially formulated to provide immediate temporary relief from vaginal itch and irritation. It contains a soothing complex of KPV(3) peptides, aloe and grape seed extract. It is water based, with natural ingredients, paraben-free, pH balanced for the vaginal environment, rapidly absorbing, non-messy. PrevaLeaf™ Soothe uses a natural probiotic technology based preservative system.

10 ml. 30 applications.

PrevaLeaf  Mission
Our mission is to give women comfort, control, and confidence to care for their intimate health through knowledge and innovative personal care products in discreet packaging.
Rebecca Posten